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Perforated and Expanded Aluminium

What is perforated aluminium?

Perforated aluminium is sheet aluminium that has been manually or mechanically stamped, punched or cut to create a pattern of holes, slots, or decorative shapes. The sheets are typically used on architectural residential and commercial developments and can provide acoustic dampening performance and
energy savings through reductions in lighting and heating costs.

What is expanded aluminium?

Expanded aluminium is a type of sheet metal which has been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern (often diamond-shaped) in a mesh-like form. In contemporary architecture, expanded aluminium has been used as an exposed facade or screen material which can be formed into simple or complex decorative shapes.

Risk of filiform corrosion

Filiform corrosion can develop where a coating is too thin, particularly around sharp edges that are common in perforated and expanded aluminium designs, leading first to cosmetic imperfections and ultimately to film failure and corrosion.

To prevent filiform corrosion it is essential that the sharp edges on the perforated and expanded aluminium are protected with a sufficient film build, particularly in environments where condition have a high corrosivity. As a result in high corrosive environments DGL recommends an additional coat with E-Prime, an epoxy modified powder primer, below recommended top coats.

Protect your asset

DGL recommend an Alumi Shield Warranty system for both interior and exterior usage on perforated and expanded aluminium. The use of a E-prime powder primer is mandatory in conditions of high corrosivity below a recommended top coat. Although not mandatory, the use of E-prime is also recommended in all other environments to ensure a sufficient film build is achieved. Where E-prime is not used (as it is not mandatory) it is essential that the top coat film build be sufficient to meet minimum film build requirements and protect around sharp edges.

All DGL Alumi Shield Warranties are available when applied by a DGL Accredited Powder Coater to a approved specification.

Use the following table to help identify the product and system choice you have for the perforated or expanded aluminium on your project. Refer to the conditions information to determine the environment that your project will be exposed to.


● Alumi Shield Warranty
1. Fluoroset may be suitable in locations <10m from the high tide line e.g. harbours (contact DGL for advice) and is NOT suitable in strongly acidic environments so PH must be >5.
2. Electro and Duratec are only suitable for coastal environments >10m from the high tide
Please refer to Interior and exterior environments close to liquids for warranty implications where powder coatings may be in close proximity to liquids other than the sea.

Where no primer is advised it is essential that a full film build is achieved. If there is any doubt DGL also recommends a 1st coat of E-Prime.

For more information on DGL Alumi Shield warranties visit here



Use the following table which references AS4312 and ISO12944 Atmospheric corrosivity zones in Australia to define the environmental conditions and product is suitable for.


*Tropical projects – it is recommended to speak to a DGL Account Manager or call the advice line for all tropical locations
1. Geothermal environments with a PH>5 and <9. For PH outside this consult DGL.
2. Offshore islands that are not tropical include Waiheke, Stewart Island, Fraser Island etc.
3. Tropical islands include Australian Islands north of Mackay and Pacific islands such as PNG, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga.

Interior & exterior environments close to liquids other than coastal, river and lake salt water environments

For powder coated assets close to liquids other than the sea, eg fences near outdoor swimming pools, fountains, outdoor bathrooms or furniture etc please refer to the guidance below for your product options for your project.

1Please note chemically treated water includes antimicrobial treatments, e.g. in pools, anti-corrosive chemicals, and soapy water in bathrooms and showers
■ Where indicated Alumi Shield warranties™ are available on areas >than 2m from the liquid (ie outside the splash zone)
● Where indicated Alumi Shield warranties™ are available any distance from the liquid
Alumi Shield™ warranties are only available when applied by a DGL Accredited Powder Coater to the warranty specification on recommended project types and conditions
All DGL powder product are NOT suitable in strongly acidic or caustic environments so the pH must be between 5 and 9.
Alumi Shield™ warranties are not available if the powder coating is immersed in any liquid.

For more information on DGL Alumi Shield warranties visit here


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