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Our Powder Coating Products
DGL International produces powder coating products for markets including (but not limited to) China, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Our primary manufacturing sites are based in Australia and New Zealand. Our products are also manufactured in China under licence by our approved manufacturers who adhere to our strict formulation practices.

Our Process
We take raw materials such as polymers, pigments and extenders and manufacture them into packaged premium powder products. DGL International also produces powder coatings for coating in Australia and New Zealand under the branding of Dulux* from its Australian and New Zealand factories.

Our product stewardship and research and development programs enable us to develop coatings and other products that deliver a better place by improving the aesthetics, durability and lifespan of our consumer’s assets while minimising sustainability impacts throughout the product lifecycle.

Have Confidence
The DGL Accredited Powder Coater program has been developed to give industry professionals the confidence they’ll get a great result on their project and ensures the quality and trustworthiness of the applicator.

All DGL Accredited Powder Coaters are audited and tested for every project they complete. Samples are tested at our Australian and New Zealand technical centres to ensure they meet the strict standards required to gain a DGL Alumi Shield™ warranty.

Like to know more?
Our dedicated consultants are available to give you product selection advice, specification requests and sample colour swatch ordering. Submit an online enquiry here.

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*DGL International owns the Dulux trade marks in Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Fiji. It is not associated with and has no connection to the owners of the Dulux trade marks in other countries, nor does it sell Dulux branded products in other countries.