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About Commercial

Commercial projects contain a large variety of projects that can range from commercial offices, a car park, a school, a sports ground, a prison, a veterinary practice or hospital. It is important to define your project correctly to ensure the correct product is specified and the performance and warranty is able to be gained for your project.


Typically commercial environments are exposed to greater environmental impacts, whether they be through the usage of the environment, the height of the building or the physical environment and weather. For these reasons DGL recommends higher standard products for use in these conditions based on the AAMA standards. These products are designed to withstand different conditions, provide protection and offer a superior performance which will protect your asset in a variety of environments.


To help in this process we utilise:

1. The building classifications under the Building code of Australia (BCA).

2. Industry standards for powder coatings.

The following tables detail the BCA classes, building examples in those classes, and the industry standards that a product should meet to be suitable.

Use this information as a guide to identifying your project and the choice of product that you have, including exterior and interior applications.

*DGL products that meet just AAMA 2603 and AS3715 are supported for DGL Alumi Shield™ warranties on interior applications on commercial projects when applied by a DGL Accredited Powder Coater to the warranty specification on recommended project types and conditions